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East Africa Operations

Palmyra Global Energy (PGE), Realm of Business:

Palmyra Energy, is an Eastern African company with offices in specific emerging markets on the  African continent.  We are geared towards developing energy resources in a responsible, clean and sustainable manner. Palmyra Energy development criteria is hinged on an alignment system that takes global environments and habitat as well as societal goals into consideration.  Our projects provide excellent investment opportunities and at the same time we improve livelihoods of the community in which business is carried out.

Through what programs will Palmyra Global Energy (PGE) engage the process of                  ‘agro-green’ development?

  1. Green Field Energy Programs
  2. Production Facility Improvement Programs
  3. Production Process Diversification Programs
  4. Improving livelihoods in Farming endeavors Programs
  5. Biomass and Biofuels from Waste Municipal and Industrial Waste










Living  Examples

(PGE) and partners are developing projects to produce ethanol from sugarcane with models that include construction and operation of renewable fuels complete packages for marketing and within the same plant the processes generate grid quality power as we also trade the carbon credits from the savings in the environmentally compliant production.

Detailed studies, preliminary designs and actual engineering development can be availed in different countries for those who are interested.