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Production Facility Improvement Programs



We focus on the modular approach to expansion: in a specialized market we allow for expansion as the market emerges, this way increases in yield are realized in volumes appropriate for proper economic growth, thus we are both responsible to the environment and the soil and yet we “grow” the energy and commodity sector appropriate to a specialized East African Market.  Or modular approach will engineer a phased in growth model from the land planted, to the storage facilities and electrical generation facilities, all having space and capacities allowing increases in Mega-watts and irrigation storage facilities as well as tank farm planning to allow for unitized growth i.e. a 5Mwt power plant will double capacity to a 10 or 15Mwt without having to build a new infrastructure to support it. In this manner we do not saturate and devalue the export, and yet plan properly to optimize leading green energy techniques.  Palmyra has many decades of experience in the development of infrastructure and operation of the facilities, if appropriate, we focus on education from the government agencies to the laborer in the fields, therefore the community as a whole will yield the greatest progress.

We will engage the ownership and management of the facility and jointly undertake an income feasibility with an eye to the African marketplace; inclusive of the various aspects of pre-production, production and post production engineering and management endeavors such that the emerging design and management is optimized for greater income, higher productivity and diversified new derivatives including new green energy resource.